A 2021 Travel Recap

This year, Teddy and I explored 22 states together and then we each took a trip with friends; Teddy went to Kansas for a hunting trip and I went to the Texas panhandle. We took a week long road trip through New England, and then one to South Carolina for his mater’s degree graduation from Clemson. The rest of our travels were either over weekends or during holidays when we already had off.

Best Stops off I-81 in Virginia

Since Interstate 81 happens to be one of the most traveled routes on our trips, I thought I’d share some of our favorite stops along the route.

Best Fall Hikes in Pennsylvania (Part 1)

There are so many incredible hikes in Pennsylvania. What you’ll find below are some of my favorites across the state. Most hikes are 1-3 miles and each tends to have a feature like a stream, waterfall, or great view along the hike. Some are loops while others are an out and back. Check out the trails and photos below to plan your next fall hike!