Best Moments List

The List is really a Best Moments List. It is quite literally a list of the best moment you’ve had. Rather than a list of the best life you can achieve over the next twenty years, Acuff suggests writing a list of the best things that have happened to you in the last 20 years. Look back before looking forward. They can be classic moments like a wedding or trip. They could be unusual like a specific event, or regular routines or things you just appreciate in each day. I did this exercise for about 25 minutes and came up with 90+ things. I’m sure with more time, I can come up with quite a few more. I’ll share a few of mine below for you.

Planning our Alaska Destination Wedding

When most people thing of destination weddings, they think of a beach somewhere. For us, we wanted somewhere with mountains.

The states we leaned most toward were Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado. We’ve never been to Colorado together before but the Maroon Bells for a wedding looked beautiful. We briefly considered Glacier National Park and the Tetons, but decided we’d rather go somewhere we hadn’t been and that would be the experience of a lifetime.

9 Ideas For Most Epic Road Trip

I reflected on trips I’ve taken over the years – what I learned, what was hard, what I remember most, what was the most filling. I looked at the similarities between my trips and pulled out pieces of what for me, makes my ideal road trip. Here’s what I found…