5 Fall Day Trips from Lancaster PA

Last week I shared my top 10 places to visit during the fall as well as some places on my list that I haven’t visited before. This week I want to share a few more local places I’d like to visit in the upcoming weeks.

  1. Hawk Mountain – I’ve posted about Hawk Mountain before but after the trees in northern PA change, the view from the overlook on this mountain is just perfection. It’s a little over an hour from where I live so could make a great morning or day trip on a weekend.

2. Jim Thorpe Train Ride – I was able to go on this recently as the leaves have just started to change in the Pocono Mountains. I’m sure later in October the ride will be even more colorful. I did the 45 minute ride that takes you up the nearby mountain by Glen Onoko into the Lehigh Gorge and then back down into the station.

3. Ricketts Glen State Park – This state park in New York has 21 waterfalls along the Falls Trail in the park. While it’s a few hours from where I live, and I don’t have a current trip planned here currently, this is something I would love to do in the next few weeks.

4. Middle Creek – I’ll never get sick of visiting Middle Creek. It’s beautiful in the fall and you can still hike there on the various trails during the later months in the year. The meadows and the reflections off the lake are purely magical in the fall.

5. Backroad Drives – I love a good Sunday drive with my favorite Spotify station on and a cup of coffee. I’ll venturing into the countryside with no destination and can sometimes end up about 1-2 hours from home. I find the coolest places and get garden and house inspiration along the way. I head to the hills and figure it out from there.

Where are you headed this fall?