Top 3 Antique Stores in Columbia, PA

To me, part of the fun of owning a 1900s farmhouse is finding antiques that complement its history while also being functional. I love a weekend spent exploring, and since I’ve moved back to PA in July, I’ve spent sa good chunk of my weekends finding local antique stores and exploring them. Three of my favorite spots are all located within walking distance of each other in Columbia, PA right along the Susquehanna River which you’ll find more about below. Over the next few months, I’ll continue to share my favorite spots with you.

Each of these stores in Columbia has multiple vendors inside it, with Tollbooth alone at 200+ vendors. The stores have items from old doors to signage to large furniture to small kitchen utensils. Between the three of them, they’ve got it all.

I would highly recommend spending a Saturday morning over in Columbia exploring. Start with a walk or bike ride on the Northwest River Trail and then check into the stores below. I’m sure you’ll find quite a few gems.

And don’t forget, when looking at so many vendor booths, look high first, then at eye level, and then go for a third pass closer to the ground. You will always miss something if you don’t go slow enough and train your eyes to scan.

#1 – Tollbooth* – This is the spot where I got my lockers and my live edge desk. Both I thought were incredibly well priced as the 9 foot piece for my desk was $75 and the lockers were $99. On Craigslist alone, lockers are about $200+ and depending where you get live edge wood from, those tend to be a few hundred dollars, especially for a piece that long. I’d call Tollbooth my staple in antiquing because it’s so dang big, and you ALWAYS miss seeing awesome things considering it’s 30,000 square feet.

The locker set I got at Tollbooth for $99.
One of the vendors at Tollbooth.
I almost bought this to keep on my desk.
I swoon over this huge piece I have no purpose for.

#2 – Bootleg* – First, the owners here are so kind. Each time I’ve been in, they are so friendly and very attentive for giving you a number and taking your items to the front so you don’t have to carry them around. I’ve purchased some pennants there, old books, a few baskets, and old Christmas ornaments.

Another view of a small section of Bootleg. The location is huge.
Inside by the cafe in Bootleg.
I have an old desk chair like this bout thought this one was cool.

#3 –Burning Bridge* – This is three stories. I have to go super slow in here and do about two passes – one above eye level and one below because there’s just so many vendors with so much goodness. I got an awesome old road sign here for less than $25 on my visit. That’s rare and so worth it.

A variety of pennants at Burning Bridge.