Best Youtube Channels on RV Life

When Teddy and I first started looking into purchasing some type of RV or travel trailer, we honestly weren’t really sure where to start. We knew a few people we could talk to who owned one but other than that, we didn’t have a lot of resources. We started our search online and found Youtube to be one of the most helpful resources for both research in buying a travel trailer but also for tips on traveling regularly in an RV.

New to RV Life – If you’re looking into buying an RV for the first time, or if you are looking to upgrade, we found these three channels to be the most useful.

  • Josh the RV Nerd – He has a lot of videos on different brands of trailers, practical tips, shares his opinion on the good but also the bad of each, does thorough walkthroughs, and takes part in the RV communities. After we purchased our Grand Design RV, we joined the Facebook groups for the brand, and he’s actually in it and tours RVs that the group requests.
  • Scott Hudgins Dodd RV – Another great resource for tours and buying. Sometimes he would have videos Josh didn’t have and may have different list of pros and cons so it gave a more well rounded view when we would watch both. He’s also a bigger guy, so Teddy found his reviews helpful on how much space you really had in a doorway or how cramped certain areas of the RV would feel,
  • Keep Your Daydream (KYD) – These are one of our favorite channels to follow and they appear on both lists on this blog. Marc and Trish have excellent videos on RV maintenance, prep, and travel days. They speak in easy to understand terms, have great how to videos, additional checklists, blogs, an Amazon storefront and so many other resources. We have watched so many of their videos as we took our camper for it’s first few trips. Two other things that set them apart is they’ve owned a few different rigs, so they have videos on buses, 5th wheels, trailers, and more. They also stay at paid campgrounds, state parks, and dry camp so you get to experience different camp site options through their perspective.

Everyday Travels – This list includes a variety of travelers. While we own a travel trailer and only have taken it out for weekend camping, we like learning from those who have different experiences than we do. On this list you’ll find full time travelers, part time travelers, some who travel with pets, some who have converted vans, trucks, or RVs. Regardless of the differences, we’ve found them all helpful in some way.

  • Newstate Nomads – Katelyn and Howard travel in a motorhome with 3 dogs. They travel mainly in the United States and what makes them unique is Katelyn’s reporting background and documentary style. Their videos do a great job connecting with the locals but also sharing their travels and the reality that is full time RV life, especially with dogs.
  • Chad and Claire – Chad and Claire did a United States Road trip and lived out of a converted van for a period of time before traveling internationally. They’re very grounded and speak openly about their budget while living on the road. Claire is an incredible cook, especially on the road so a unique feature of their videos is Claire documenting her recipes and cooking while traveling out of a tiny van with a cooler as a fridge.
  • Jeanie Marie – We initially started following Jeanie for her travel, but since they’ve purchased a truck camper, we’ve enjoyed watching their meal prep for trips, how much they spend while traveling, as well as where they find dry camping spots.
  • Crosby Grace Travels – Crosby and her boyfriend had purchased a travel trailer and worked full time from the trailer for a time. They stayed in a lot of state parks and shared tips on cooking as well as how to convert a trailer to a remote worksite with reliable internet. Crosby also shared about mental health on the road while traveling which we haven’t seen many travelers that we follow share as openly.
  • Chris and Sara – Chris and Sara travel internationally but also did a series on their van build and travel within the United States. We enjoyed their Alaska trip as well as their National Park series and found their sharing of what it’s like to travel with a dog especially helpful.
  • Bound for Nowhere – Owen and Mak create videos that are more documentary style and do a wonderful job story telling. The photography and landscapes they capture are stunning. We initially found them as we were researching for our upcoming travels to Alaska. They live out of a truck camper, and we’e appreciated how they make the most of tiny spaces but really focus on how to have great experiences in such a small living space.
  • Keep Your Daydream (KYD) – Marc and Trish have been living in an RV and documenting it for over 6 years. They initially started their travels with 3 kids and a dog which is now just 1 kid and a dog since the others are off at college. We love their humor, but also their perspective on travel. They push their own limits and provide wisdom on RV living. They’re a lot more than just a travel RV channel, but more so educators and teachers which I appreciate.
  • Adventures of A+K – Adam and Kathryn are the first travel Youtubers I ever followed. For months, I had only 1 subscription on Youtube and it was them. They live in a converted van and travel with their dog, Kona. While we love them most for their general travel content we have learned various recipes and tips for RV life from them as well.

There you have it – our favorite channels when it comes to RV life. I hope you find these helpful as you learn more about traveling in a truck, trailer, or motorhome. If you liked this post, stay tuned for our favorite channels solely based on travel. While you may see some of these same people on the list, there will be quite a few new ones as well!

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