5 Books on Leadership

“What are your favorite books on leadership?” is a question I get asked pretty often. I have a few that always come to mind so I thought I’d share with you all.

1. Extreme Ownership – You’ve probably heard me mention this title countless times already, but seriously, add it to the list. And if you’ve read it before, pick it up and read it again. Every time I read it, I pull out something new or am reminded of something I had lately forgot. Each lesson is explained through a combat story followed by the lesson, and then how to apply it to business.

2. Multipliers – I’ve also mentioned this one quite often to those around me. The first time I read it was at work in summary format, but then listened to the full book on audible because it’s so good. At it’s core, it explains what a multiplier is versus a diminisher. It illustrates how some of the things you are doing could be accidental diminisher tendencies and how approach them differently with a multiplier mindset.

3. Ideal Team Player – This one isn’t specifically about leadership, but if you aspire to lead a team well, I think you need to know yourself first. This goes into the three qualities you to have displayed not only in yourself, but in others too. The beginning of it is a leadership fable followed by the application. It’s an easy read with application that sticks with you.

4. Mindset – I didn’t actually read this book. But I’ve read a summary of the book as well as watched Carol’s TedTalk and some additional articles on the growth versus fixed mindset. The concept of growth mindset is something that is brought up often in other leadership books which is why I am adding it to the list. If you aren’t familiar with this topic, please get interested in it and learn as much as you can. It really helps you understand the true mindset of an individual.

5. 13 Invaluable Laws of Growth – This one touches on a variety of areas where one can grow. It discusses your contribution, how you model your leadership for others, self awareness, and investment in others. It’s one of those where I’d take a week to fully invest in each chapter. There’s exercises after his chapters to really get you to personally dig into what he explained.

Are there any that didn’t make this list that you’d recommend? 

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