I Cut the Cord

I cut the cord that connected me with live streaming of tv and movies this year. Why? I want to make sure that I create margins and space for good things to grow rather than for a way for me to escape.

So I did it. I cancelled Amazon Prime (yes, literally all the Amazon things), Netflix, and Hulu. I haven’t had cable for about 6 months, but now I really have no streaming services. I also cancelled any other monthly subscriptions I had (devotional app, photography apps, and a few others). The only two I kept are Spotify (bc duh, Spotify) and Kindle Unlimited which I pay $1.99 for a month to read lotsa books.

I even took my TV out of my living room so I don’t sit on my couch and stare at a blank screen. I replaced it with some books I want to read this month, my quiet time basket, and my photo albums. I enjoy looking at them much more than a blank screen that I don’t plan to watch.

How long will I keep things like this? As long as I feel I need to. The TV will likely stay out of the room forever. Netflix I’m not sure about. I do enjoy a good historical drama, but I really want to spend my time reading, writing, learning, being outside, sharing, investing, and growing. And Netflix is a distraction that keeps me from that. There are much better ways for me to unwind than to watch and potentially get sucked into someone else’s problems on TV.

Another plus side is money saved. Since I”m doing the #ContentmentChallenge, I decided this was a great time to limit those other “wants”. From the subscriptions I had including Amazon prime, I’m saving about 47 dollars from removing my various subscriptions. Win.

What do you need to cut the cord on?

Online shopping? Clothing for your kiddos? New shoes? Books? Home decor?

I encourage you to just do it. It’s hard but it’s good.