4 Ways I Gain Clarity In Decision Making

Have you ever had a decision that needed to be made, but you just weren’t sure sure which option would be best? Maybe it was a decision on which college to attend, or where you wanted to live. Or maybe it was just where to go on vacation or when. It could even be as simple as what to make for dinner or whether or not to go to that event next weekend.

If you’re looking for clarity, there’s probably endless ways to find it. But here’s four ways I’ve found to be most helpful for myself, and hopefully they’re helpful for you.

#1 – Taking Action

Indecision is a decision. If you are wondering if you should do something or shouldn’t, and you ponder the decision for days or weeks or even months, you’ve made a decision right there. Delaying a decision is actually choosing to not do the thing you were pondering.

When I had the opportunity to move to Florida for work, I really really did not want to go. My home was here, my friends were here, there’s actual hills here and farms and seasons. Florida and flat and hot. I wanted to delay it and spend more time preparing, but I needed to take action. I accepted moved 4 months later.

#2 – Space to Think

Holding space can take on different forms. When I am finding myself lacking creativity or ideas, I will take time away from social and turn off the noise. Not hearing others voices helps my own inner voice rise to the surface.

I don’t follow this suggestion exactly, but I’ve heard to take one day off of social a week, one week off a month, and one month off a year. I do try to take Sabbath off of social weekly but I don’t take a week off of it every month. Maybe every 3-6 months. And then I tend to take off a month during the year, either in December or January. I find that these spaces to think provide some of my most creative ideas and plans.

Another way I take space to think is by going on a solo trip. I do think and discern on trips with others depending on conversations we have and where we go, but I do my best thinking by myself. When I turn off the radio and let whatever has been lingering in my brain come out. I come up with new content ideas or projects I want to take on. I will think about a new initiative at work or how to solve a problem I’ve been thinking about for days. This time for myself has been so great for me to find clarity.

#3 – Flip a Coin

I don’t actually flip a coin, but I think about it. If I were to flip a coin, in that moment when the coin is spinning, there’s very likely a way I want it to land. And then, in mid air, I’ve made the decision. It doesn’t actually matter how the coin lands, what matters is what I think about before it lands.

#4 – Prayer

If you’re a believer, you may want to put this one at the top of your list. Something I pray often for is clarity. Maybe I have a direction I want to go, but I’m not sure if it’s where He wants me to go. If I don’t feel a clear nudge not to, I will often move forward in action and pray that if it’s a door that needs shut, that he does that clearly for me. I don’t believe God is always looking for me to discern the “right” decision. I think on most occasions he wants me to just make a decision and take action in faith. He will open or shut what needs to be along the way. My decision isn’t going to mess up his plans.

What suggestions do you have on how to create clarity? What does decision making look like for you? Feel free to share!

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