Darkest Before Dawn

I imagine this time we’re in feels a little like how the disciples were feeling after Jesus died on the cross. They had followed his ministry on earth one moment, and then next, he was gone. Even though he told them this time was coming, he was still gone and they were at a loss.

I’m sure they were asking themselves and each other – What do we do now? Why is this happening? They were crying and grieving and wondering where do we go from here? Why does it feel like things are getting worse? We’ve seen him perform miracles, why haven’t we seen one yet? He told us to follow him and here we are. Why? Why God? What is this all about?

And then, three days later, he rose again. And they were in disbelief. The darkness that had been was no more. The dark became the light and a miracle came with it. This incredible void and suffering that the earth felt, was the preparation needed for a miracle of God sized proportions.

Jesus died. And was buried. And he rose again.

The timing of all of this isn’t lost on me. Many schools and businesses in the US are closed right up until Easter. The time for light and resurrection and new birth. We are sitting in the darkness and boy, is it dark. It feels like there’s minimal light coming in. It is sad and it’s hard and there is so much unknown.

But I know God ultimately uses it all for good. While I don’t understand it, I believe. In him. In goodness. In light. In new birth and resurrection. I believe in Him. And I know that Easter is coming.

Jesus died and it was dark. And he rose and gave new light. And the world was never the same.

Join me in praying for a miracle that is bigger than this suffering. Bigger than this void. A miracle that casts out every piece of darkness and brings new light. A miracle of God sized proportions.