Christmas Magic at Rocky Ridge in York, PA

If you saw my last post you already know I love Christmas lights. Well, if you do too, you’re in luck. Today’s post is all about the lights at Christmas Magic at Rocky Ridge County Park in York.

Because #2020 theres some things you should know before you go:

1. There are timed visits. You’ll want to purchase tickets ahead of time. You can keep the confirmation on your phone to be scanned. It was $5 a person with ages 3 and under being free.

2. Masks are required. Bring it.

3. It’s cold and windy on the ridge so bundle up. It actually snowed the night I was there. And I had to switch gloves when I was taking photos because my hands kept getting cold.

4. There’s restrooms along the path but they’re park restrooms. It’s cold out. Keep this in mind.

5. The path is about a half mile. There’s some fireplaces along the way and some photo opportunities as well as a snack stand with French fries.

6. Depending on what time you’re there and how much you stop, it’s maybe a 20-40 minute walk. It took me about 25 minutes but there weren’t many other people there yet and I stopped a took a lot of photos.