Hiking Mount Nittany

On the last morning during our weekend in State College, Teddy and I decided to hike up Mount Nittany.

Getting There:

We set out before 9 AM from down town State College, and parked in the overflow parking down the street from the trailhead. You could technically park on the side of the road, but a full parking spot seemed a better option even if it meant a bit more walking.

The Hike:

From the trailhead to the Mike Lynch Overlook is not far, but it is steep. You gain about 600 feet elevation in only .7 miles. At the beginning of the trail is a wooden bridge you cross over as well as an area with some pretty large rocks. As you continue, you’ll see smaller logs across the the trail to prevent wash outs from the trail. It gets very step quickly, so bring water and stop and catch your breath as needed.

Once you get just shy of the top, about a half mile in, it starts to flatten out on the top of the ridge. There’s a very large spot with an overlook that has more than enough room for various groups of people to take photos or hang out at the top as well as spots where you can sit and enjoy the view.

We just did one portion of the trails that take you to and around the top, but if you’d like a longer trip than 1.5 miles, you can look at the map here for additional routes.


  • Get there early. Depending on the day of the week, there may be a variety of sports teams out for a hike like there were the day we were there.
  • Park in the overflow if there’s not room already in the regular lot. You could park along the side but keep in mind it’s on a slant and there are specific areas you’re not meant to park.
  • Bring snacks or even a picnic as well as water. There’s a variety of overlooks at the top where you can
  • The trail is dog friendly and we saw quite a few people with pups on it while we were on our way up.
  • After your hike, stop at the Pump Station Cafe for breakfast or lunch

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