The Best Apps for Traveling

There are some of my favorite apps I use while traveling. They help with where to find great food, the route to take, where to stay, interesting spots to stop along the way, and great places to hike. Check them out below!


This is the app where I plan hikes ahead of time and then we use this to route us while we’re hiking. I got the paid subscription last year as a gift and it allows you to download hiking maps offline which is great for when you don’t have service. I like checking out other people’s photos or recent reviews of the trail. This is especially helpful for seeing if there have been recent wildlife encounters or how the trail maintenance is. If there’s a lot of mud, snow, ice, or other issues, it’s great to use this to check other peoples thoughts from their hike.


I use this to look at where we should eat on our trip. I try to plan out in advance some options of where we can have our meals, but there are times where we’re hungry or where we’ve planned doesn’t pan out, so I use this to check out spots in the area. I tend to filter it by 4 stars or above so and take a look at reviews before we stop somewhere. Some of our favorite places have been off the beaten path that we found on here. I also like to check out food pictures on here so I know what looks good to order.


This is obvious, but we have both Apple and Google maps on our phones for trips. This way if one of them is not connecting or acting wonky, we have another option to use. I know some people use Waze as well but that one has too many distractions on it for me.

Hotel Tonight

This is a great app to use if you don’t book places to stay in advance. I find this most helpful in cities or towns, but not necessarily when you’re road tripping without bigger towns or cities nearby. I’ve used it on quite a few occasions when I am looking for a good deal in a city and they’re selling leftover rooms at a very low price. I’ll also use it if I know I’ll be near a city and there’s many options. I can just book it a few minutes before and then head there to check in.

Road Trippers

I use this to plan out our routes on a road trip. It will show you within a certain distance of your route interesting things to do based on your preferences. I have used this to find various parks or tourist stops that have been fun to checkout.


This is great for both podcasts and music. I usually make a playlist ahead of time for our road trips that I’ll add music to that either reminds me of the place we’re going or I know is music I’ll enjoy listening to in the car along the way. I also listen to the playlists after we’re back from a trip and this is a way to remember the experience through music.

Airline Apps

Before I fly, I download whatever airline app that I’m flying with. I don’t keep these on my phone all the time, but this is so easy for changing flights, checking in, as well as entertainment options while in flight.

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