A Weekend in Lititz PA (A Local’s Guide)

I was born in Lititz, PA and continue to call the area home. While I’ve traveled to so many incredible places, Lititz will always be one of my favorite towns in the US. When I was lived in Tampa, FL for two years, I would come back to the Lititz/Lancaster area from time to time to visit friends and family. I would write down all the things I wanted to do in the area before heading back to Tampa. If you’re looking for what to do over a weekend in Lititz, below are my best suggestions.



  • Dosie Dough is right downtown. I like their breakfast burrito or long johns and the chai. I used to come here as a kid after daycare and pick out a snack on occasion. It’s a smaller shop, but they do have some indoor seating as well as outdoor.
  • Zig’s is a little further outside of “downtown” but only a few minutes drive. It is a large bakery that also has prepared foods inside an old stone barn. There’s indoor and outdoor seating. I love their bacon, egg, and swiss cheese croissant.
  • A bit further outside of town on the north side is Copper Cup Coffee. They have seasonal coffee and tea options as well as a few breakfast sandwiches. They have a drive through which makes this a quick stop.

Go for a Walk

  • The Warwick Ephrata Rail Trail is a bit outside of town but you can park at the township building and walk, bike, or run a few miles along the trail. It goes through farm fields, wooded areas, and over old bridges. It’s a fun way to see the countryside.
  • Lititz Springs Park is right downtown and you could easily walk there from Dosie Dough. It’s only a few blocks. You can walk along the stream toward the back of the park and check out the ducks, the fountains, the old railroad car and take in the beauty of the park.

Lunch Downtown

  • Rooster Street Butcher is open for lunch Saturdays. It’s located right downtown. They have great chicken sandwiches, burgers, and fries. It’s casual but has a great atmosphere.
  • If you’re looking for something lighter or quicker, check out Rosey’s Lunch Wagon near the square if it’s a Saturday between 11-3 or grab lunch at the Tomato Pie Cafe which always has seasonal specials.

Shop Downtown

  • There’s tea at a Tea Affair, women’s clothing at the Tiger’s Eye, a wide variety of olive oil at Olio, good reads at Aaron’s Books, furniture at Morton’s Fine Furniture, exotic meats at the Savory Gourmet, pretzels at Sturgis Pretzel, cards and gifts at Atlas, handcrafted home goods at Little Timber House and so many more.
  • Most shops are open until 4 or 5 during the week and then open on Saturdays. There are only a few open on Sundays.


  • Per Diem that’s a few minute drive north of town is a favorite. It’s located in the Rock Lititz Hotel. They have a rotating menu and beautiful decor. I love their pizzas, unique appetizers, and steak. You can make reservations online from their site.
  • Tied House is another great option that’s right in town. They have tacos, sandwiches, and entrees like steak and scallops. I also appreciate the vibe of the place. For ease, you can make reservations online.
  • Another option is Blackworth. Everything is wood fired here so be aware of that before going. It’s also located right in downtown Lititz. I would recommend trying various appetizers since they’re all very unique. I liked the charred avocado and spare ribs best.

Ice Cream

  • Save room for dessert after dinner. If you’re up for a treat, my absolute favorite is Fox Meadows which is about 10-15 minutes north of town. It’s worth it. You will likely wait in a pretty long line, but there’s so many unique flavors. I love the sampler and splitting it with someone or trying their seasonal baked fox. It’s ice cream inside of either a cookie, a brownie, or something seasonal like an apple fritter or sugar cookie. It’s hot on the outside and melty on the inside and just divine.
  • If you’d prefer to stay in town, you can check out Grecos or Isabella’s for ice cream. Both have a variety of flavors and outdoor seating.


  • If you’re looking for a unique stay, I’d recommend Rock Lititz, the Wilbur Lititz, or the Lititz Springs Inn. Rock Lititz is a few minute drive outside of town, but is beautifully decorated and has a pool as well as the Per Diem restaurant on site. I’ve stayed here on two separate occasions and will absolutely stay again when I have the opportunity. I’ve never stayed at the Wilbur Lititz, but it looks beautiful. There’s a restaurant downstairs as well as the Wilbur Marketplace which is great for quick breakfast or lunch. The last is the Lititz Springs Hotel which has the Bulls Head Restaurant downstairs and is right downtown. I’ve never stayed but know others who have. This is going to be more of a historical stay than the other two which are newer builds. All are great options though.



  • Right downtown is the Wilbur Marketplace which is open on Sundays. I love the Salted Carmel Latte. Another stand that’s great for breakfast is Zig’s where you can get a cinnamon roll, breakfast sandwich, or other treats. If you like acai bowls, check out Oola Bowls inside the market. They have some deliciously unique options.
  • If you’re interested in more of a sit down brunch option, check out Per Diem right outside town. It’s usually from 10-2 pm on Sunday and a great way to slow start your day.

Enjoy the Outdoors

  • My all time favorite spot to “get outdoors” in the area is at Middle Creek. This is a bit further of a drive outside of town (a few minutes past Fox Meadows). There’s a lot of great hiking trails and depending on the season you can see various wildlife here like snow geese or bald eagles. Sometimes we will come on a Sunday and just sit at a picnic table by the water and read or bring a pizza or subs and have a picnic. It’s one of the most peaceful places in the area.
  • Another area for hiking is Speedwell Forge. There’s a large lake there you can also kayak or canoe if you have the gear to do so.


  • If you’re looking for casual and budget friendly options, check out Roma pizza. They have excellent pizza and cheeseburger subs. Or if you’re visiting over the warmer months, you can check out the Pretzel Hut north of town. It’s a little place on the side of Route 501 that has old school burgers, fries, and ice cream as well as a variety of other options. There is indoor and outdoor seating and a petting zoo nearby. This is one of my favorite spots for a quick lunch.
  • Bulls Head is a great option if you’d like to sit down for lunch. It’s a traditional pub, so you place your order at the counter and find your own seat. There’s no wait service.


  • Go for a scenic drive. One of my favorite things to do is to drive until I don’t know where I am and just enjoy the views. When I know it’s about time to head back, I’ll turn on my GPS and figure out how to get back to where I started. In the Lancaster area, so many of the drives are so scenic.
  • Go for a walk downtown. There are many beautiful houses and buildings to check out. When I was training for various running races, I’d train in downtown Lititz because there was always so much to look at and I wouldn’t get bored.
  • Check out Artisan Mill a few minutes from downtown. It’s a vendor market place with everything from candles to photography prints to coffee to antiques. It’s 3 floors and has so much to look at.


  • If you like sushi, my favorite sushi spot I’ve ever been is a few minutes drive outside of Lititz and is called Mojo. I absolutely love their blushing lava roll. It’s a shrimp tempura roll with a strawberry tobiko which I know sounds very odd, but it’s incredible. Whenever I’d visit Lititz from Tampa, this was a highlight of the trip.
  • Appalachian Brewing Company is another great spot downtown. They have burgers, quesadillas, sandwiches, tacos, and salads. Teddy and I love the homemade tator tot appetizer. Keep in mind they have their own beers and sodas since they’re a brewing company so don’t expect a “brand” name beverage.
Blushing Lava Roll at Mojos

That’s it! Those are my favorite spots to visit in Lititz. While you could just stop in town for a few hours or just for a meal, it really is so easy to spend the weekend exploring the area. It wasn’t voted America’s Coolest Small Town a few years ago for no reason. I hope you enjoy your visit!

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