2 Days in Homer, Alaska

After our whirlwind bear viewing and fishing adventure in Soldotna, Teddy and I made the 2 hour drive south to Homer. This was really the last leg of our trip in Alaska so we had booked a lodge that had everything we could have asked for and more including a hot tub, a balcony, and the most beautiful mountain and bay views.

We got into Homer around 9 PM after our bear and fishing trip was over. We were already exhausted from the day and had only eaten PBJs the entire day. We drove into down and stopped at one of the few places still open, the Twisted Goat, and enjoyed a pepperoni pizza for dinner. We checked into the Baycrest Lodge and our stay was in the Alder Property. It was on the second floor and with such late sunsets in Alaska in the summer, we were still able to enjoy the views of the mountains in the distance so late at night from our balcony.

For our first full day in Homer, we ventured down to the spit to check out the restaurants and shops. Teddy and I had about 11 pounds of salmon from the fishing day prior we had to ship home, so that was also on our to do list to figure out as well. We grabbed coffee, chai, and a carrot cake cupcake from La Baleine Cafe and walked into a few shops nearby and checked out prices to ship home our salmon. We grabbed lunch at Fat Olive’s Restaurant where we split the cheese bread and I got some soup.

I was still recovering from being sick the over the last week so after a few hours, I was already tired and wanted to head back to the lodge after lunch to get some sleep before we did more adventuring in the afternoon. While we both had initially planned to ride the water taxi across Kachemak Bay to the state park, but with me having not much energy and the price of the taxi, we didn’t think it would be worth it this time around. I took a nap while Teddy ventured into town to get our salmon shipped home.

After some rest, we tried to go out to the spit again for dinner but there was an accident that had shut down the road for a few hours. We ended up at The Kannery instead which on the hill before the spit. While everything sounded good, I knew that I probably wouldn’t enjoy the seafood or other meat options as much as I may have if I were feeling 100%. So I ordered a lemon beignet dessert for dinner while Teddy got the ribeye. I had his veggies and some of his potatoes and it was a delightful meal.

The road to the spit was open after we finished dinner so we picked up some dessert at Carmen’s Gelato before heading back to the lodge for the night. We spent some time on the balcony and enjoyed the hot tub and views over the bluff before calling it a night. We had packed our bags to head back to Anchorage the next day so we could get a head start in the morning on the 4-5 hour drive.

If you have two days in Homer, here’s what we’d recommend

  • Stay at Baycrest Lodge. It truly was one of our favorite stays our entire trip
  • Charter a fishing tour for halibut even if you’re not a regular fisher
  • Ride the water taxi over to Kachemak Bay State park and go for a hike
  • Walk along the shops and restaurants on the spit
  • Get gelato at Carmen’s
  • Walk along the beach and enjoy the views
  • Take a boat over to Seldovia Village for a bit to eat or to explore
  • Relax and take in the views!

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