Take One Night for You

In the book, Tranquility by Tuesday by Laura Vanderkam, she shares her 9 practices to make time for what matters. Since reading the book back in January of 2023, I’ve tried to add one of the practices intentionally into my routine every month or two over the last few months. So far I’ve started Planning on Fridays, establishing that Three Times a Week is a Habit, doing Effortful things before Effortless things, and planning One Big Adventure and One Little Adventure each week.

Something I’ve begun implementing more intentionally is to “Take One Night for You”. Laura shares that you should “Commit to an activity you love that is separate from work and household responsibilities.”

My one night for me has looked very different from week to week. Some weeks, I spend the evening working on writing blog posts (like tonight as I write this), making plans for an upcoming trip, or taking an online course. Other nights, I may go visit the library or the bookstore. Sometimes my night for me is hosting friends for dinner or going out with a friend for a meal. Other weeks a night for me may be cozying up in a blanket with my book on the couch and reading the night away. And in recent weeks, my night for me may be cooking or baking or going for a walk.

What I’ve found is that when I try to make my night for me based on what I need based on the week I’m having, it’s so much more fulfilling. During a week where I’m making a lot of decisions, being creative by cooking or baking something new is perfect. During a week where I feel like there’s a lot going on or various loose ends, doing something structured like finishing a book or writing a blog post can be helpful. Other weeks where I need a bit of inspiration, visiting a book store or library is so fulfilling. Other nights I know that just allowing myself to think by going for a walk or sitting and watching the sun as it goes down is what would be enjoyable.

Each week is different. But I do try to plan these the week prior (when I plan on Fridays) and then adjust as needed.

If you want to implement a night for you, but you’re not sure what to do, start by making a list of possible options. Start with a list of 10 and continue adding. A few options could include a book club, taking tennis lessons, joining a regular game night, trying a new recipe, painting or drawing, going to see a movie, taking a class at a local college or online, going to a museum or show, or something else!

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