Our Last Day in Alaska (Alyeska + Byron Glacier)

On the last day of our Alaska wedding and honeymoon, we drove from Homer to Anchorage. Our flight was very early the next morning so we found a few stops along the way to make the most of the 4+ hour drive. Our first stop however was one we didn’t plan ahead of time and included some flashing lights.

We left our cabin at Baycrest Lodge around 9 AM and headed north. About 40 or so minutes into the drive, with Teddy behind the wheel, we got pulled over for speeding. We were going over the speed limit and the officer noticed we were not locals based on our rental car. He was very kind and shared what the speed limit was in the upcoming towns and let us go. We continued on, within the speed limit this time, and had our first real stop in Sterling at a road side coffee and breakfast stand. They had homemade biscuits which I enjoyed immensely and we both got a chai for the road.

Our next stop was Byron Glacier Trail in Chugach National Forest. We were lucky to find a parking spot since the lot was pretty full and did the shorter hike out to the glacier. This was a busier hike with a lot of people along the trail, but we did it around mid-day, which is usually the busiest. This wasn’t our favorite glacier hike, but it still was a great view and opportunity to stretch our legs.

We continued on north toward the Alyeska Resort which had been on my bucket list for years. I really wanted to take their Aerial Tram to the top of Mt. Alyeska. We finally got to do it and the views were spectacular. I saw on their menu they had an italian sandwhich which I was craving. I had mentioned this specific sandwich to Teddy multiple times over the days prior and was so excited to order it. When we got there, they were out. So, I grabbed a turkey club and teddy got chicken finders and we had lunch and then walked around before heading back down to grab an ice cream cookie at the gift shop.

We continued north to Anchorage and checked into our hotel. There was an REI nearby that was huge, so we stopped in and Teddy got a book for the flight. We had an early night to prepare for our early flight the next morning and full day traveling back to PA.

It was a long travel day but we were very ready to get home and be reunited with our pups. And sleep in our own beds. We had a wonderful time and the most epic wedding but there’s always something so comforting about being home too.

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