A 10 Point Reflection

Last month I took time away from social media, as well as subscriptions (Netflix) while also doing the contentment challenge so below is an update on my last month in 10 points.

  • I missed Instagram for approximately 1-2 days and then thought it was the best thing ever. Someone had mentioned feeling disconnected from me and what was happening in my life. I thought it was an interesting word choice because their connection to me comes from what I share, not necessarily our conversations. So someone may feel like they “know me” from I’ve shared, but I don’t necessarily get to see that same glimpse into their life. While it’s neither good nor bad, it’s just an interesting reflection on what connection and disconnection really are and where they come from.
  • I read a lot. Because I didn’t have things to supplement “boredom” like Netflix and Instagram, I instead spent a LOT of time reading. As I write this, I’m 35 books in for the year. I told you. I read a lot.
  • One of the books that has really intrigued me and caused me to do more research and learning is Empire of the Summer Moon. It is about the Comanche Indians’ rise and fall, and shares a lot about their specific impact or prevention of spreading westward expansion past portions of Texas. It’s pretty gruesome in some parts, but still really worth the read.
  • I bought both the Empire of the Summer Moon as well as a book on ranching in Texas when I visited the state back in December which you can read more about here. Since I finished the book on the Comanches, I’m working my way through “The Big Ranch Country“, and even got Amazon video so I could watch “Texas Rising” from the History Channel on there. It’s a 10 part series and connects Texas history to Comanches, to westward expansion, to the politics of the time, and overall what the US looked like during that time.
  • I signed up for another half marathon. Last year, my half that I did in Montana created a really good rhythm and discipline for my time leading up to the race, so I thought why not do it again. This one is also outside of FL and will include some travel to get to the location. You’ll hear more about it in the upcoming weeks and months.
  • I also have a FL bucket list that I’ve been working my way through – specifically local parks. A few that I’ve been to in the last few weeks and highly recommend are Walsingham Park, Booker Preserve, John Chestnut Park, and Boyd Hill Nature Preserve. They all have various trails for walking / hiking / running and I’ve tried to get to a different one each weekend day.
  • I took a week long trip to the Rosemary Beach (30A) area in hopes for rest and relaxation. It was very different from my normal road trips. I realized that staying in one spot during not so great weather is not my idea of rest or relaxation. It would be great for a group of friends, but not for me by myself so I do not plan to do that again in the next year or more.
  • I’ve worked out 30 minutes and closed my rings on my watch every day for January and February. This is a huge record for me and something I had a goal of doing at the beginning of the year. To celebrate the progress and discipline to get that done every day, I got myself new sneakers – which leads to the contentment challenge…
  • The contentment challenge has been followed but more loosely than I initially planned to. I bought shoes for my half marathon as my reward to myself for my last two months of workouts. I also went out to eat while I was on my trip. I have purchased a few books outside of gift cards I have and replaced some of my workout shirts. I am still doing the challenge with intention of what I am purchasing but I also am doing it in a way that works for me.
  • I worked my way through the book of Nehemiah in a guided study and loved it. The one I did is from the Daily Grace Co and is $5 right now. You can get the book or just do it on the app they have for your phone and iPad.