Hikes on Our Bucket List (Rocky Mountain + Midwest States)

On our 12 Day Road Trip through portions of the Midwest and Rocky Mountain states of the USA, Teddy and I were able go on about 15 hikes. There were quite a few we had on our list of options, but we knew we would only end up being able to do 1-2 per day based on the amount of driving we planned to do (around 3,000 miles) across Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Idaho. Below you will find those that we either just didn’t get a chance to do or those that we saw along the way that we added to our list for our next visit.

South Dakota



  • Fishhook Creek Trail in Sawtooth National Forest
  • Cabin Creek Lakes Trail in Sawtooth National Forest
  • Stanley Lake Trail / Lady Face Falls in Sawtooth National Forest

North Dakota

  • Coal Vein Trail in Theodore Roosevelt National Park
  • Point to Point Trail in Medora


  • Highline Trail in Glacier National Park
  • Ptarmigan Tunnel Trail in Glacier National Park
  • St. Mary & Virginia Falls in Glacier National Park
  • M Trail in Missoula
  • Blodgett Canyon Trail in Hamilton
  • Glacier Lake along the Bear Tooth Highway

Are there any hikes in these states that are a “must do” in your opinion? Please share those in the comments!

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