10 Rules I Live By When It Comes to Time

I didn’t plan to write this post, but I was listening to podcast earlier today about time. It was someone’s perspective on how their mindset on time has changed their life. I got to thinking about how it’s changed mine too. If you’ve been around me, you may say I’m obsessed with time. I am, but probably not for reasons you may think.

I am obsessed by time because it’s a finite resource. We only get so much while we are here on this earth, which is intentionally created by our maker. It’s a limit on our lives that we have no control over. As much as we try to “hack” time, or get better at multitasking (which is a false notion by the way), or create never ending to do lists, this doesn’t give us more time than we had, it just frees up some of what was already given. We can’t control the amount of time we have, but we can control our mindset around it. Below you’ll find 10 of my “rules” when it comes to how I spend and think about time (and my life).

  1. Word before World. I want to spend time with Jesus before I do anything else.
  2. My inputs determine my outputs, therefore news will never get a ticket for admission.
  3. I don’t make fear based decisions.
  4. Time is currency. I invest it rather than spend it.
  5. I live with a legacy mindset. I plan out my years, my months, my weeks, and my days with the end in mind. I’m flexible, but focused.
  6. Everything is a learning opportunity, even if I don’t know or like the lesson in the moment.
  7. Books have no budget – one of the best investments I’ll ever make is in myself.
  8. Nobody is coming to save me. While I can appreciate support and help from others, I take ownership over my own life.
  9. I think about death daily – rather than avoiding it, I align my focus to lead the life I will eventually leave.
  10. Tension serves a purpose. I must lean into discomfort and enjoy the adventure.

These are certainly not my only 10 guiding practices when it comes to how time is invested, but the ones that came to mind most immediately. They align with my personal values and are based on my experiences thus far in life.

Have you considered some of your personal rules on time? Have you ever written them down? If not, I would urge you to do so. The more you can think about your thoughts the more self aware you become. And self awareness is always a good investment.

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