One Big Adventure, One Little Adventure

We’re going to talk about that book I love with the bad title again. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, check out my overview on Tranquility by Tuesday or my tips on how to implement the practice that “3x a week is a habit“.

Someone at work that I shared this book with (and told them how I thought the title was dumb) asked what I’d name it instead. It’s basic, but something like – 9 Simple Practices That Will Change Your Life – would be a much better description. Because they really will.

I do 8/9 of the practices every week and the 9th I am currently working from doing biweekly to weekly. Now, I had started some of them before I ever had this book, but her work has helped me create Soundtracks for these practices that help me further commit to them.

One of the practices I had started before I ever had language for it is what Laura calls “One Big Adventure, One Little Adventure”. For me, this looked like always having something to look forward to no matter how small.

For Teddy and I, Friday night pizza nights and a movie could be a little adventure, a trip to the local farmer’s market could be a little adventure, going out to dinner with friends, playing Rummikub, or having people over could be a little adventure. These tended to be a Monday – Friday type thing and then our big adventure would be on the weekends. These would vary from a hike followed by lunch somewhere, to attending a musical or show, to exploring a new state park, to going on an antiquing morning and stopping for breakfast along the way.

Laura explains that the One Big Adventure, One Little Adventure is about doing things that are little bit out of the ordinary but that will be memorable experiences. It’s about planning for the adventures.

  • One Big Adventure – This would be a half day type of activity and often done on the weekends.
  • One Little Adventure – These can be done in about an hour so could be an evening or even lunch break activity.

When you’re planning the week, think about where you can carve out this time and what type of adventures you’d like to have. I’ll share a few ideas below to get you started:

Big Adventures

  • Going to a play or show at a local theater
  • Trying a new trail or park to go hiking
  • Going to a museum or show in a local city followed by lunch at a new spot
  • Going to the spa with friends for a few hours
  • Taking a drive through the country where you and anyone along just pick “right or left” the whole way. Pick a fun place to stop for a meal!
  • Go on a brewery tour and enjoy a local brewery
  • Go to brunch with close friends or family
  • Pick up sushi at a local restaurant and find a local spot for sunset

Little Adventures

  • Trying the new coffee shop Tuesday morning
  • Grabbing lunch at the Taco truck around the corner from work
  • Grabbing a favorite beverage and doing a puzzle
  • Making pizza and having a game night
  • Making smores over an outdoor campfire
  • Going to the farmer’s market
  • Going out to get ice cream
  • Making a charcuterie board or snack tray and just relaxing with wine
  • Taking the dogs on a walk in a new park
  • Having a make your own pizza cook off on a Monday night
  • Make homemade breakfast of pancakes and sausage rather than grabbing drive thru breakfast
  • Grab a coctail and enjoy watching sunset and background music from your porch
  • Have a dance party in the kitchen with your kids

These are just a few ideas but don’t feel limited by them! Create your own bank of ideas on big and little adventures so that when you plan out your week, this is an easy thing to make sure you can add in!

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