5 Ways to Spend More Time in the Word [ No Matter the Season You’re In ]

No matter your season of life, there’s a way to spend time in in the bible each day. From a 5 minutes commitment to an hour or more, there’s various options so you can meditate on The Word. I’ve included 5 of those below.

#1 – Bible in a Year

There’s a few different plans you could use. I’ve used the Chronological Bible which begins January 1 and then has headings throughout the book to let you know what to read each day. It’s about 3-4 pages of reading and takes about 10-20 minutes per day. There are also reading plans where you can just read the bible in book order rather than chronologically.

#2 – Bible Recap

The Bible Recap is used along with reading the bible chronologically for a year. You can read the specific scripture of the day and then either read 2 pages giving more context to the reading in this book or on the Bible Recap podcast (7-8 minutes).

#3 – Bible Reading Plans

There’s also options outside of committing for an entire year. There’s options to read a daily Psalm for 150 days, the Gospels over 45 days, the entire Bible over 2 years and more! You can view a variety of those plans here. They will vary in timing but some may be as short as 5 minutes to longer options that may take 20 minutes. There’s also the Bible in 90 Days plan I’ve done in the past. It takes about 40-60 minutes per day of reading.

#4 – A Bible Study

Similar to The Bible Recap, this is to be used in addition to reading the Bible itself. Two studies I’ve found to be the most impactful are from The Daily Grace Co. and She Reads Truth. You can choose to read them on the app or purchase the book studies themselves. I personally prefer the books because they include maps, illustrations, and other helpful study tools.

#5 – Write the Word Journal

For each day, there’s a scripture listed that to write out on one of the pages of the Write the Word Journal followed by a blank page to share what’s on your heart that day. This is a great option if you don’t have a lot of time in your current season of life but still want a few versus to meditate on during the day.

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