Our Alaska Glacier Wedding

Teddy and I got back from our wedding and honeymoon in Alaska a few weeks ago. During that time I took a break from blogging but I’m back and ready to catch you up on all things Alaska. Over the next few weeks and months, I plan to share more about our choice to get married in Alaska as well as what we did there, what we loved, what we would pass on in the future, and our tips for you if you decide to visit.

So to start, let me answer a few of the main questions we got about our wedding during our engagement –

Why did you getting married in Alaska?

When Teddy and I initially talked about our wedding, we always knew we’d have our honeymoon in Alaska. Teddy had been once before and while I’d been to 48 states, Alaska wasn’t yet one of them. While beaches are beautiful, we both knew we wanted to have a honeymoon in a unique place that includes mountain views and Alaska fit the bill. While we had considered a lower 48 wedding in Colorado or Wyoming, we knew it wouldn’t logistically make the most sense to fly to one place for a wedding and then another one for the honeymoon. So we decided Alaska would be the location for both!

Was it just the two of you?

It was. When we envisioned the wedding itself, we both knew we wanted something very small as neither of us enjoys being the center of attention and we wanted to make sure that the details of a wedding event didn’t detract from the promises we are making to each other as we enter the covenant of marriage. Deciding for it to be the just the two of us wasn’t an easy decision, but we decided it was the best option for us.

Was it what you envisioned?

Our wedding day was truly perfect. The worlds that Teddy and I would use to describe the day are epic, magical, and humbling. I’ll share more in a future blog on the details of the day but I genuinely don’t think I’ll have a day where I feel both so insignificant surrounded by God’s beauty while also feeling so much love at the same time. Teddy and I truly couldn’t have ask for a better day.

Here’s a few photos from our day from Relic Photographic that was coordinated through Alaska Destination Weddings. We are overjoyed with how the photos turned out.


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