Mountain Views in South Carolina

Earlier this year on a road trip down the east coast, we spent some time in northwestern South Carolina. While South Carolina is known for beaches, golfing, and history, there’s also beautiful mountains views in the state as well. These are 3 beautiful spots to soak in some mountain views in the state.

Sassafras Mountain

One of the best views is from the observation tower on top of South Carolina’s highest point, Sassafras Mountain. It sits at about 3,553 feet. Because the tower is above the tree line, you can see about 30-50 miles into the distance and get glimpses of North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. On the top of the tower runs the state line, so you can actually stand in both state North and South Carolina at once. The tower is accessible from sunrise to sunset and with 360 degree views, a great place to watch either the first or last light of day.

Caesars Head

‘Another spot with great views about 40 or so minutes from Sassafras Mountain is Caesars Head. This is a state park at about a 3200 foot elevation. It got it’s name from the rock outcropping that is said to look like Caesar’s Head. Inside the park are a variety of hiking trails, including the very popular 4 mile trail to Raven Cliff Falls or a 6.6 mile trail to a suspension bridge above Raven Cliff Falls. We didn’t have time to hike either of them on our trip, but when we return, I’d love to see the suspension bridge. There’s also a narrow pathway between two very large rocks near the overlook called Devil’s kitchen. You walk down a few sets of stairs and between the rocks to get through it which was pretty cool. The state park itself is over 1300 acres, so there’s a lot to explore.

Pretty Place Chapel

About 20 minutes from Caesars Head is Pretty Place. It sits right near the border of North Carolina. The chapel is owned by YMCA Camp Greenville. It’s open from sunrise to sunset for visitors aside from when there are private events. Check the schedule for the day prior to visiting to make sure you’re able to visit while it’s open. Inside the chapel at the mountain edge are the most beautiful views of the surrounding mountains. We visited on a rainy day, so we wouldn’t see as far, but it was still a beautiful view.

There are so many other beautiful places to check out in South Carolina and the surrounding area, but these aren’t too far from each other and each have a wonderful view. If you’re looking for a place to stay overnight, the town of Brevard, NC has quite a few overnight options and is a good base for outdoor adventures in the area.

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