How I Use 20 Minutes Per Day To Level Up My Leadership

What if there was a way that in 20 minutes or less a day, you could be a more Gospel centered leader? Would you be interested?

If you asked me this question a few years ago I’d have a hand up for sure. I’d worked through a daily devotional on quite a few occasions during different seasons of life. Devotional is the term often used to identify a format for spiritual growth or to put it more simply, a plan to help learn more about the Bible. Usually written in a daily format, they may span 7, 30, 90, or 365 days. They are usually centered around a certain theme or topic. For example, with a quick Amazon search, you can find devotional books on motherhood or fatherhood, prayer, humility, grace, anxiety, and purpose all within the first few results.

So how does a devotional help you become a more gospel centered leader?

By taking intentional time, from 5-20 minutes each day before you start your work, you can learn more about God and his heart for your work. I was gifted the book, The Maxwell Daily Reader, about 8 or so years ago from leaders I worked with at the time. I started out by reading each day’s one page passage. It gave me a new perspective on my work and on various leadership skills and beliefs. After that, I found a plan in the You Version Bible app on leadership. Over the next few years, I was gifted or found other leadership focused devotionals.

While I don’t do this perfectly, I try to start my first few minutes of my workday with a devotional. I spend about 5-10 minutes reading a passage of scripture and hearing a story or perspective on how that can be applied to leadership. I really have found so much value in the practice as I can genuinely tell the days. thatI have a heart directed toward Christ and the days I don’t. My mindset, my attitude, and my communication are all impacted.

Below are my five favorite devotionals for becoming a better leader. But let me warn you, just reading them, without applying the wisdom doesn’t do you any good. That’s just knowledge. The application is what becomes the wisdom.

Maxwell Daily Reader – This is a great entry to a leadership devotional. It’s dated so you can just turn to that page during the year and read in under 5 minutes. This one, if you did each day would span an entire year.

The 21 Most Powerful Minutes in a Leader’s Day – If you find that you like Maxwell’s approach from the Daily Reader, you can dig into another one of his that is focused around his 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership. Over 21 weeks, you spend each day of the work week focused on learning about various leaders in the bible. It’s only a Monday through Friday devotional and is written in a way to help you not only develop your leadership skills, but actually apply them as well.

Legacy Leadership: Wisdom of the Apostle Paul – If you’re not really a book person or prefer to read the Bible on your phone, check out the You Version Bible App plans. They have quite a few if you type in “leadership”. One of my favorites that I’ve done is a 30 day plan about the wisdom of Paul in how he led.

Leading with a Humble Heart – I was gifted this one at the end of last year by a friend (thanks Ashlee!). It’s a 40 day devotional all about humility in leadership. Each devotional is about 2 pages. It includes some external references which I like, so I can dig further into a topic if I want, and it also has great journaling prompts at the end of each section.

Word Before Work – This is one I recently started but within the first few pages, it was already more than worth the investment. I’ve read other books from Jordan Raynor and they’ve all been incredibly impactful. This devotional is specifically intended to be used over a year’s time, from Monday through Friday. The one page readings are all focused on how the gospel connects to your work. A whole devotional all about how how your work matters in eternity – that makes me so excited to continue going through it!

While I’ve found many devotionals that span a variety of topics, I haven’t found as many on leadership or work specifically. When you find a good one, it’s a true gem. I hope these are helpful for you as you develop your own leadership skills. If there’s any others you’d recommend, please share!

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