Take A Break

As I write this, I’m sitting on the deck of my Airbnb near Rosemary Beach, FL. This post didn’t go out at 6 AM like it normally does because I’m working on trying to rest and relax rather than do and that’s incredibly difficult for me.

This month off Instagram has been wonderful. Not necessarily better than times I’ve done it in the past, but more so exactly what I needed right when I needed it. So rather than post something long and full of lessons and learning, I’m posting to remind you to take a break.

Take a break throughout your day. With a walk. A conversation. A book or a podcast or a drive.

Take a break during your week and implement a day of rest. A day to stop. To thank God for all that’s happened that week. And to delight in him.

Take a break throughout your months with something intentionally planned that you can work forward to.

We all need to take a break.

And that’s what has led me to Rosemary Beach, FL. I took a week off to sit. And be. And stay.