A Thank You Note to the Earth

You build and bloom and are bold.
But you also flood and quake and destroy.

You continue to change

Your waters run calmly, slowly, and gently
And then crash, hit, and harden
You’re beautiful and mighty.

And you continue to change

Thank you for your peace and your strength
Your empty spaces and your fullness
Your dark shadows and your light spaces
I’m thankful for it all

Even when you continue to change

What were once forests are now deserts
And what were oceans are solid ground
You were before me and will be after me

But you have never stopped changing

You’ve frozen and you’ve melted
You’ve heated and you’ve cooled
You’ve supported living beings for millenia
You’ve shifted and you’ve erupted
You’ve broken apart and reconnected
You’ve transformed and you’ve sustained

You will continue to change

Your seasons don’t stop
Winters always melts into spring
Spring always blooms into summer
Summer always cools into fall
And fall always harvests to prepare –
For the cycle to start again

You never stop changing

From seconds to minutes to hours
To days and years and centuries

You are change

But you’re still home
Thank you for the daily reminder
Of what change looks like


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