The Best Antiques in Adamstown, PA

Over the next few weeks and months I’ll be sharing with you my favorite antique by town or area. A few weeks ago, I shared my Top 3 Antique Stores near Columbia, PA which is in on the west side of Lancaster County. This post will talk about the best antiquing stores in the very northeastern side of Lancaster county, in Adamstown.

A few things to note:

  • These antique stores are almost all open on Sundays, some only on Sundays
  • Check the hours before you go since some vary
  • All of them are indoor EXCEPT Shupp’s grove which is an outdoor market is is only seasonal on weekends
  • My favorites have an asterisk* next to them

Adamstown Antiques

Renninger’s – This is an indoor flea market/antique spot. It’s every Sunday. Over the summer there’s also an outdoor section. I got some great deals here since people are willing to negotiate a bit on prices.

Shupp’s Grove * – This is my favorite outdoor market and is only open in the warmer seasons. There’s different events each weekend and pretty often different vendors there. Prices aren’t firm unless stated, so you have a chance of walking away with more for less.

Mad Hatter * – Huge building. There’s a pretty large section of mid century items here, especially kitchenware. Not as much my style, but if you’re into that, check this place out.

Pine Hills – This is a partner of Mad Hatter and some other locations in Adamstown. They are all within a few miles of each other. This one has a lot more glass than others as well as Pyrex.

Adamstown Antique Mall – This is related to the Mad Hatter and Pine Hill shops. It’s definitely smaller but still has some great vendors inside and is across the street from the Mad Hatter.

Lancaster County Antique Center – This one is in an old house. While from the outside it doesn’t seem like much, the way it’s staged follows a path through the house so you really get to see everything and I’ve found quite a few gems here.