Favorite Antique Spots in the Strasburg Area

By now you’ve likely seen my favorite antique spots in Adamstown, Columbia, and York. Today’s post is all about the Strasburg area and the best spots in the area.

Antique Village Strasburg – They have both smaller pieces and bigger pieces which I appreciate. My favorite part is the big garage with the large furniture. You never know what you’ll find here, but it’s always a fun hunt.

Old Mill Antique Store – This is a great spot for larger furniture. It’s an old warehouse / barn building and has a lower level which has more outdoor and sunroom type furniture, a middle level with a lot of cabinets, dry sinks, end tables, desks and side tables, and then an upstairs with many chairs and older sofas and more table options.

Country Loft Antiques – So much to see here and look through. Walk slow and look closely. There’s an outdoor area, an entire old house, and a little garage barn area. A bunch of different vendors are here and I’ve gotten a few old books and old Coca Cola items here.

Strasburg Antique Market – This is an old tobacco warehouse that has 3 different floors with antiques from a variety of vendors. Some of the items I liked most were old railroad signage, vintage Christmas decor, and old pennants from a few vendors.

Happy hunting!