My Favorite Things – September 2021

I haven’t done one of these favorite lists in a while, but after looking back at some I did last year, I decided this would be a great way for me to reflect on the last month. Below you’ll find a few (or maybe just one) of my favorites in a few categories below.


  • You’re Too Good to Feel this Bad – You’re supposed to read this one slowly to implement what you’re learning from it. The first chapter was on sleep, so the last month I’ve really focused on sleep specifically and how to make sure I’m getting 7-8 hours per night along with making sure those are good hours of sleep and not interrupted.
  • How to Change – I started this on on Audible and it feels like a great combination of Atomic Habits + Effortless as well as her own spin on how to form new habits and change from a new lens.
  • At Your Best – This one I heard about from the podcast from Carey Nieuwhof linked below. The focus on how to “do what I’m best at while I’m at my best” and focuses on the zones for what your best looks like throughout the day.
  • May it Be So: 40 Days with the Lord’s Prayer – I initially heard of Scott, the author when doing his Advent series last year. After Advent, I purchased his 40 Days of Prayer and then this one. I adore the imagery to go along with the very simple but moving prayers every day. A VERY simple way to add prayer to your daily routine.

Podcast Episodes


  • Snuggly Sweater Candle from Target – I stock up on one scent throughout the year and it’s this one.
  • Dog Harness – We use this for Bailey on our walks and it is much better than just a least on her collar. It makes her easier to handle when she gets so excited and wants to play with other dogs while on our walks.
  • Sandals – These sandals which are both inexpensive and comfy. A win.
  • Shacket – Multiple colors and is great for hiking or just crisp fall mornings.
  • Tailgating / Camping Chair – Perfect for PSU tailgating with two cup holders and a bottom pocket.


  • Hawk Mountain – We hiked the 2 mile South Lookout trail this last weekend and it was a beautiful day for the hike. We saw a bald eagle, a variety of hawks, and some other birds from the lookout.


  • The Blue & White Game at Penn State and my first time in years going to a football game with my Dad!
  • College Gameday with my boyfriend, Teddy. Never thought I’d see the day where that was how I spent my Saturday, but had a great time!
  • Taking a trip to Benezette, PA and seeing the elk. Teddy taught me all about elk and I am much more appreciative of seeing the elk of PA than I was when we initially planned the trip.
  • Going out for a run for the first time in months. I love running in fall temperatures and while it wasn’t easy in the moment, it was worth it.


  • Headway – This is a newer app to me but it has books in a very condensed format (basically Sparknotes) version but in a very aesthetically pleasing way. You can either read or listen to them.

Media Follows

You probably already know I’m not much on following media itself, so I try to follow people that add value to my life. Here’s my list (all found on IG + Youtube).

  • @Adventuresofaplusk – I follow on Youtube (basically the only ones I watch on there) and IG since I love to see their travels within the US and plan out see what places we’ve both gone to and which others I should check out.
  • @Scottthepainter – If you like the daily prayer book above, or follow me on IG @Shemakesherownadventure, you’ve seen me post his 1 line prayers each day for the last few months. He also posts them online too so he’s a great follow for daily inspiration.
  • @TheSassyBarn – She’s from the Lancaster area and now lives in Wyoming on a ranch. She shares lots of DIYs as well as delicious recipes (like delicious homebody barista coffee).
  • @Jennboughey – Shares a lot and teaches on mindset on her stories as well as other personal development learning. There’s not a day I don’t learn something from what she shares.

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