A Guest Room Update

When I purchased my house about six years ago, it was the opposite of updated. There were multi-color carpets as well as varying types of wallpaper and borders in each room. This specific room had green trim, mountain lion wallpaper, wooden closet doors that didn’t work on the tracks, peach walls, and a light brown carpet.

After moving in, I did some initial updates of paint but not much else. The trim got a coat of white and the walls a coat of seagull grey. The closet doors were removed and I had put curtains on them instead. I kept the grey carpet.

Then recently, I I was able to make a bigger upgrade to the room. The globe light was removed and a switch and ceiling fan was installed. New carpet was installed in the upstairs bedrooms and hallway and updated paint was added to the walls. and the trim as well as a new coat of paint on the baseboards. This is one of my favorite rooms in the house because of the early morning light that comes through the windows.

For now the room is a guest room with a bookshelf and chair for reading. It has some newer pieces like the bed, lamp, and nightstand, as well as some older pieces like the railroad lantern, wicker chest, and tin. I personally like to mix some old as well as some new and include some real or fake plants in each room to add a layer of coziness. Over time, there’s a chance I may make this my office because I love the light in it, but that may not be for a while. For now, it’s perfect as is.

Renovation Cost Breakdown:

Paint: $50 – $60 for wall (Campfire Ash), ceiling, and trim paint

Bedframe: $249 The price has increased since but here’s a link.

Nightstand(s): I had both of these already, one was an old plant stand and the other I got on discount at HomeGoods some time ago because the corner is imperfect.

Wicker Chest: I got this one at a garage sale for $20. I had been searching for one for some time but they are all so expensive.

Carpet: I hired a local company to do the entire upstairs aside from the bathroom. Broken down, it’s about $300-400 / room including taking out all the old and putting down new padding.

Railroad Sign: I really wanted an old sign, but they were either very expensive or too heavy for the wall, so this is a replica at about $15.

Bedding: I had all of the bedding already aside from the quilt which was about $30 at HomeGoods.

New Fan Light & Wiring: I had a professional come in and install a lightswitch in the room that didn’t exist before with wiring through the attic but picked out the lighting ahead of time. The fan is $95 and you can find it here.

Railroad Lantern: I’d been searching for one of these for quite some time. The older, more well known ones are about $200+. I scored this one for $40 which I was very excited about.

The curtains, plant, and other smaller pieces I already had so no new cost for those.

Total = Around $900 total from a head to toe makeover.

As you can see, it could be done on less if you have some things around the house you’re already able to use. For me, the biggest update was the paint for the walls and ceiling as well as the new fan and light-switch.

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