What I’m Reading this Winter

During each season this year, I plan to focus my reading on a topic. During this very cold Pennsylvania winter, I will be reading about slowness, margin, and seasonal living. I’ve chosen 5 books to focus on during this time that you’ll find below.

Wintering – This book is focused on how to “winter” well and what that really means. How we can navigate seasons of difficulty and pain well and embrace winter and what it teaches us instead of wishing it away.

Chasing Slow – I read this one about five or so years ago and appreciated it’s format as well as great nuggets of information that it shared. When I read it initially I had a very different lens on life so I’m looking forward to reading it with a new perspective on simplifying, slowness, and the balance of it all.

Growing Slow – This one is focused on growing slowly on purpose. Choosing slowness instead of hurry. Finding time to do things with out feeling like it’s never enough. I’ve heard quite a few people recommend this one so looking forward to reading it.

A Minute to Think– This tends to be more of a “business” than the other four. The focus is on creating intentional pauses and spaces throughout our days and weeks and months so we can take time to just stop and think.

Seasons of God – I read this book 2 years ago but want to revisit it. It talks about what we can learn during each of the seasons of the year and how we can view life through a seasonal lens. It truly changed the way I think and know it will be impactful to revisit.

Right now the plan is to work through all five of these over three months. I’ll share my key takeaways and lessons as I finish them. Then, for the second quarter of the year I will be focusing on quite a different topic for my readings and have a few books piled up for the Spring months already.

If you have any books you’d recommend on this idea of slowness, margin, and seasons, please send them my way. Thank you!

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