Quarantine Favorites

Happy Friday Friends!

Today I’m sharing a list of my favorite things that I’ve enjoyed while being at home for the last month.

  • Peloton App for Workouts – I’ve done some of the Peloton yoga, strength classes, and meditation. They also have a 90 day free trial right now if you sign up by April 30.
  • Outdoor Walks – This is what’s kept me most grounded during this time. Every day I walk at least a mile outside and it is always so helpful for my mental state. Bonus – the outdoors is free!
  • Libby App – This is the library app you can download on your phone or iPad if you have a library card. I’ve listened to a few audio books through here and read a bunch of books.
  • Stok Cold Brew – I put a little sugar free peppermint flavoring in mine every morning. I’ve had my coffee this way for about 3 straight months now and it is DELICIOUS.
  • She Reads Truth Bible – Favorite day to day bible. I’ve had it for a few years. You can get them on Amazon too.
  • Bible Studies – While being at home I’ve done one from Daily Grace Co and one from She Reads Truth
  • Cambridge Notebooks – I got them from Target but you can find them on Amazon and their own website too. Nothing fancy about them but I love them and have a few different sizes. I tend to write a lot of things down so each has a different purpose.
  • Procreate App on iPad – I have been enjoying drawing and lettering on Procreate and also using the Canva app to add text.
  • Sausage Breakfast Pizza – My kryptonite. We had these as a kid and now they are my treat I keep for myself in my freezer.
  • Rothys – I finally got the Rothys I was interested in for over a year. Yes, high $ but worth it. I’ve worn these many days while working from home.
  • Shipt Grocery Delivery – I’ve only done it once but I LOVE IT. I have no desire and plan to avoid the grocery store at all costs.
  • Asics running shoes – I got these to train for my half in the fall to replace my old ones. I’ve now worn them for my daily walks and when I go out for runs.

    What have been some of your favorite items, products, or apps during this time at home?