My 2023 Goals

I shared my word of the year for 2023 on my most recent post. My word of the year is Space and I designed my goals around that word. I choose 3 goals for the year – space for living, space for love, and space for legacy. These aren’t giant finish line goals for the most part, but regular habits or rhythms I think will be important to focus on in order to cultivate more intentionality in my goals.

Space for Living

Space / Home

  • Doing my third round of the contentment challenge in Q1
  • Donation pickup 2x a year
  • Powerwash the house
  • Organize the Garage
  • Create a space for both Teddy and I have to have our own space


  • Focus on continued margin in finances
  • Grow investments
  • Savings toward future goals


  • Spend time outdoors and camp
  • Visit at least 1 new state and National Park
  • Quarterly retreat for rest and relaxation with Teddy

Personal Growth

  • Quarterly space for me to write, reflect, and learn
  • Quarterly focus for reading, journaling, and learning
  • Document books, podcasts, and other learning
  • Practice Sabbath weekly

Space for Love

Loving God

  • Reading the Bible chronologically throughout the year
  • Praying daily

Loving my home

  • Making my office space one I enjoy spending time in and provides a space for creativity
  • Schedule opportunities to share my home with others and create spaces for community

Loving my self

  • Determining monthly fitness focuses – running, peloton, hiking, ect.
  • Focus on healthy routines including sleep, food, and my morning and evening routines
  • Weekly planning

Loving others

  • Continued training for Remington
  • Being fully present without distractions on a phone
  • Continue to host and participate in bible study group
  • Date night with Teddy weekly
  • Daily prayer with Teddy

Space for Legacy

  • Continue to add to my commonplace book
  • Write more intentional blogs on learning and reflection
  • Make blog adjustments with a legacy focus
  • Continue writing project

This isn’t an exhaustive list of my goals for the year but gives you an idea of what that looks like. For most of these goals, I keep a spreadsheet of each month of the year and then put in there what types of things I would be working on during that month.

For example in January, I may put something like the below. Those are the main things I want to focus on during the month. Those that are a once and done like a donation pickup or a quarterly getaway, I will schedule in my calendar and ensure they happen. The weekly items, I will also add to my calendar but weekly. Same with the daily items. While it may seem like a lot, it’s its only a few items daily, some weekly, and then a few that happen once during the month.

  • Quarterly getaway with Teddy
  • Schedule donation pickup
  • Follow weekly running plan
  • Take boxes to recycling from garage
  • Read Tranquility by Tuesday
  • Begin downloaded course
  • Complete Powersheet tending list
  • Begin Space Devotional
  • Contentment Challenge
  • Daily prayer with Teddy
  • Weekly Date Night with Teddy
  • 2 Friend Dates

This is the way I plan each month during the year. I use a paper agenda from Hustle Sanely for the year. I used the same brand last year as well. So I will plan out my month in my calendar and then will make sure toward the end of each month, I do that for the following month. Again, these are the big things I want to make sure happen. Everything else can be planned around them.

I’ll share updates on my goals throughout the year as well as an upcoming blog with a further breakdown on how I do my weekly planning. Stay tuned for those!

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