Who Do You Want To Become?

A ship sailing without direction will never get to its destination. The same applies to you. You should have a destination in mind so you will know how to get there.

I want you to imagine yourself in 10 years. Picture it.

Find a journal or a blank document and start to think about these questions as they pertain to the various areas of your life.

What are you like?

Think about your future family relationships. Who makes up your family? Do you have a partner or spouse? Do you have children or pets? Who do you see frequently? What do you do for fun? What traditions do you have? What’s your home like? How does it feel when you step inside?

Then think about your friendships. Who do you spend the most time with? What do you do together? How do you intentionally cultivate those relationships?

Think about the relationship with yourself. What is the most ideal day for you? What do you do for fun? How do you rest and relax? What do you learn about? How do you intentionally grow as an individual?

Think about your faith. What does this practice look like? What routines or rhythms do you have surrounding your faith? How do you intentionally grow in your faith?

Think about your work. What responsibilities do you have? Where do you work from? What’s your environment like? What’s your schedule like? In what ways are you intentionally doing your most meaningful work?

These are just a few areas to think about as you think about who you with to become. Spend about 15-30 minutes journaling about what comes to mind when you think about future you. This isn’t perfect you or ideal you, but realistic you. Intentional you. What are you like?

To move toward the person you want to become, you first have to identify where you’re at. Invest this time to identifying exactly that.

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