Savoring the Seasons (Autumn List + Ideas!)

A few years ago I read the book, “The Seasons of God” by Henry Blackaby. In the book, Blackaby shares wisdom on seasonality in life. One of the things that really stuck with me when I read it was about not trying to rush a season. I’d found myself almost every winter, after Christmas came and went, wishing it was already Spring. Since reading this book, I now try to find ways to savor each season, even if it’s not my favorite.

Here’s my list on things I’m doing to savor this upcoming autumn season. It’s not a checklist because I don’t plan to complete all of it. Instead, it’s more an idea list of things I can do to find joy in the season.

  • Bake zucchini bread
  • Go camping in September and October
  • Go for a scenic drive on my favorite gravel road
  • Enjoy a campfire with Teddy in the back yard and make s’mores
  • Host Friendsgiving
  • Breathe in the cold crisp air of the fall mornings as often as possible
  • Spend time in the sunroom whether working or reading or watching PSU football
  • Visit a garden and enjoy the fall flowers
  • Go hiking among the changing colors
  • Experience fall in a southern state
  • Make a Fall Playlist
  • Go to a few Penn State Games
  • Find some margins for cozied up reading
  • Watch a few sunrises and sunsets
  • Turn on our outdoor lights and enjoy them in the evening
  • Plan a cozy dinner
  • Make the most of fall crockpot meals
  • Go for walks on the trail
  • Plan out date nights that capitalize on the season
  • Decorate a few areas of the house with autumn colors or decor
  • Create a mood board for autumn
  • Spend some time reading my new Magnolia magazine
  • Sit in my favorite chair and turn on the record player and light a candle and just enjoy the sounds and smells
  • Make a fall themed charcuterie board

For your list, here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Make a cozy new recipe with a seasonal flavor
  • Curate a playlist for the season
  • Host people at your home for a meal together
  • Get outside for a hike, bike ride, or walk
  • Attend a local fall or October festival
  • Go to the library or bookstore and get a few books to cozy up with
  • Go on a scenic drive to see fall foliage
  • Visit a local garden or farm to enjoy the fall flowers
  • Plan a movie night at home with popcorn
  • Go to a sporting event like a football game
  • Pack up a picnic and enjoy it at a local park
  • Send Thanksgiving cards to close friends and family
  • Make a warm drink like a spiced chai, cider, or hot chocolate
  • Go camping either in your backyard or at a local campground
  • Make a mood or inspiration board for autumn
  • Build a campfire and make s’mores
  • Plan a game night with friends
  • Break out the cozy clothing and blankets
  • Light a fall scented candle
  • Decorate your home with fall decor
  • Use the slow cooker for a meal

If you’re interested in a printable version of these ideas and to make your own list, you can purchase a printable version here.

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