6 Podcasts I Can’t Stop Listening To

I’m always curious where other people are learning from so I figured I’d go first I’d share with you where I’m learning from.

I’ll start by saying I go through seasons with podcasts. What I mean by that is I may listen to quite a few episodes during a certain season in my life, but may not then listen to that podcast as regularly in the future. I tend to consume as much content as I can from a particular person, and then learn from someone else and consume as much of their content as I can. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad, but I will go full on, feet first into one person before moving on to someone else. So, for a few of the podcasts below, it should say something that I’ve listened to them for entire years and haven’t moved on. These people have so much wisdom to share.

  1. Jess Connolly – What I love about this podcast is that Jess speaks in a way that’s approachable yet convicting. Since the podcast was rebranded a few months ago, I’ve listened to every episode and will continue to. They are on topics like rest, friendship, health, purpose, and more. If you’ve read her books and love them, you will absolutely love her podcast.
  2. Working Genius At the time I’m writing this they are about 60 episodes and I have listened to about all but 5 (which I now plan to go back and listen to). This model of Working Genius has really shaped the way I think about work, project management, strengths, grace and communication.
  3. Work and Play with Nancy Ray – This is a podcast I’ve listened to since the beginning. I remember listening to it often when I lived in Florida a few years ago while on a walk or morning run. Nancy has 200+ episodes and I have listened to about 70% of them. They tend to be about 20 minutes or less and are very practical tips for time, budgeting, perspective, planning, joy, marriage, reading, family and more. I’ve enjoyed this podcast so much and when I’m asked my favorite podcast, I always mention this one.
  4. The Business Minimalist PodcastJade shares various tools and tips for businesses, but I found that she has an interest in the same productivity tools and resources I do even if I am not running a business. I have loved listening to her talk about how she plans, sets goals, is intentional with her time, and so much more. I started at the beginning and am still working my way through her podcasts. I have honestly binged them while driving lately and I get to excited to listen to the next one.
  5. The Bible Recap – I love how accessible learning about the bible can be. This was my podcast with the most time listened last year on Spotify since I was going through the bible in a year. Since then, I’ve also purchased the Bible Recap book which is the podcast essentially in written form. When I’m working out, cooking, or driving I tend to pick the podcast, and when I’m sitting to learn then I will often reach for the book. Either way, the content is genuinely life changing. My eyes have been opened further to so much through listening to Tara-Leigh talk about the bible.
  6. The Word Before Work This one I heard about it after reading Jordan’s book, Redeeming Your Time, earlier this year. It’s a short devotional reminding Christians that their work matters for eternity and shares perspective on how to think a bout that work with eternity in mind. I initially wasn’t sure if I was going to include this one on the list, not because it’s not good, it’s actually fantastic, bur rather because I don’t actually listen to the podcast, I read it. Jordan sends out the transcript of the podcast via email which I always read Three of his episodes specifically have vastly shaped the way I think about work and interactions with others in the workplace. Highly recommend.

That’s it. Those are the 6 podcasts I’m loving during this season. There’s others I listen to, but not with the excitement I do for these. I’m sure my interests will adjust over time, but wanted to share where I’m at right now.

I’d love to hear any of your favorite podcasts during this season in the comments!

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