Lists of Favorites (Including Kid’s Books, Vacuums, & Car Organization Essentials)

I genuinely enjoy giving gifts to people, whether for a wedding, birthday, Christmas, engagement, or new baby. And I also like giving gifts to myself. So I organized some of my favorite gifts to give or receive on Amazon lists in the hope that this can make your gift giving even easier in the future, not just at the holidays but year round.

You can check out the various lists on Amazon here including ideas for kids, for the traveler, for readers, for RVers, for home or car organization, and more. Every item on these lists I’ve purchased on my own and I’m not that fancy, so I actually make $0 for any items you buy. These lists are purely for your own convenience.

Little One’s First Library – These are excellent books for a baby announcement shower or holidays after little one arrives. I have read or own or have gifted every single one of these at least once, but likely multiple times. There’s just under 100 books on this list.

Kid’s Books (Ages 7-12)- The kids in my life around this age tend to be boys so, most of these are boy’s chapter books.

Christmas Books for Kids – This is a mash up of my own favorite Christmas books as a kid with some new ones recommended by friends or family.

For the Reader- About 100 non fiction books I’ve read through over the years. Genuinely my favorites of them all.

Car Essentials – What I have used to organize my glove compartment, center console, and my trunk.

RVing – Every item on this list we own and use regularly in the RV. Looking at other people’s RV lists when we were starting out made our lives so much easier to know what to buy.

Puppy Essentials – The only items on here are those we bought and would recommend for a puppy. We purchased quite a few things when we got Remington that we wouldn’t repurchase so those didn’t make the list.

Dog Essentials – These are what we have and use regularly for both of our labs. Their leashes, harness, and the tech items we use for them.

Tech – Various gadgets we use regularly around the house or on the go including my book light.

Kitchen Gadgets – Some of my favorite kitchen items and those I buy for housewarming gifts (especially that egg spatula and the meat chopper.

Home Essentials – This one includes some of the kitchen essentials but also includes my favorite cleaning supplies and my robot vacuum which I have decided I would not live without in the future.

I realize that the Amazon Lists may not be my typical post, but I figured it’s easier to put all my favorite Amazon items on one list rather than share them at various times. Bookmark the link for the future since I add to them as I make new purchases.

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