Best Travel Channels to Follow for Travel Planning

I’m one of the last people to jump on the Youtube train. But after I started to watch travel videos, I got hooked. Teddy and I do research before our trips on Youtube and have found great suggestions on hikes, where to eat, and towns to visit. These are our favorites to watch. If you have others to add to the list, please share!

Travel in the U.S.

  • Adventures of Plus K – Adam and Kathryn were the first people I ever followed on Youtube. They travel in a van with their dog Kona throughout the United States and occasionally abroad. Some of our favorite videos from their series include their time in Alaska as well as the Southwest.
  • Keep Your Daydream (KYD) – They travel all over the US in their RV and have been for the last 10 years. They’ve traveled to Alaska, the Southwest, California and Canada, Florida, and everywhere in between.
  • Through My Lens – Josh travels all throughout the US, and has gone to a countless number of National Parks. He often travels with his Dad or his wife. He shares where they stay, information on the area, does various hiking trails, as well as where to eat.
  • Matt and Nat – Teddy and I came across their channel in 2020 when they were traveling to all 50 states. Since that’s one of Teddy and my goals, we were interested in what they did in each state.
  • Jeanie Marie – She is based in Colorado but travels both in the US in their truck camper and internationally. For things to do in various Colorado towns and cities, she gives great tips.
  • Bound for Nowhere – We found them when researching what to do on an upcoming trip to Alaska. They’ve traveled throughout the US including Wyoming, Idaho, Arizona, and Colorado.
  • Newstate Nomads – Kaitlyn and Howard have also been traveling in a Winnebago Navion all across the US, Mexico, and Canada. Their upcoming season will be focused on visiting 51 National Parks in 52 weeks in 2023.

International Travel

  • Ian and Anna – While they did travel in a van in the US, most of their travels are international. They’ve been to Egypt, Jordan, the Philipines, Bali, Thailand Dubai and more. They share where they stay, what experiences they have, try local food, and get to know the locals. They also share not just highs but lows of travel too.
  • Chris and Sarah – They’ve traveled in the US but more recently have spent time abroad in Ireland, Brazil, and Mexico.
  • Chad and Claire – They have a goal to travel to 15 countries internationally and have been to 19 so far. Some of those include Italy, Finland, France, Greece, Turkey, Iceland, and Portugal.
  • Kara and Nate – I think they’re probably one of the most famous international traveling couples, but still worth mentioning! We recently enjoyed their video watching them travel on the Orient Express through Europe.


    1. Absolutely! My fiancé and I were just watching your Channel Islands and Redwood videos this evening! You all do a great job sharing on how to access and explore the parks. Enjoy your National Park travels this year!

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