A Complete Guide to Antiques Stores near Lancaster, PA

This is the moment you’ve all been waiting for. The list of ALL of the places you’ve been seeing me post about antiques. So here it is! From Columbia, to Adamstown, to Lititz, to Mount Gretna, Hershey, and in between, here is the complete guide!

To me, part of the fun of owning a 1900s farmhouse is finding antiques that complement its history while also being functional. I’m love a weekend spent exploring, and since I’ve moved back to PA in July, I’ve spend some time on my weekends finding new to me antique stores and visiting them.

A few things to note about antique stores if you’re not super familiar with them.

  • They are usually open on Sundays, unlike many other things in the Lancaster County area.
  • They also usually have pretty standard hours of 10 am – 5 pm and most often, the antique store is a collection of vendor’s antiques that may be replenished weekly or monthly depending on how things sell.
  • They tend to be clustered in certain more historic towns.
  • They often will have people walking the sales floor and give you a number in exchange for your items which they will take to the register ahead of time for you. This helps you from carrying things around but also saves time during checkout.


Antique Village Strasburg – They have both smaller pieces and bigger pieces which I appreciate. My favorite part is the big garage with the large furniture. You never know what you’ll find here, but it’s always a fun hunt.

Old Mill Antique Store – This is a great spot for larger furniture. It’s an old warehouse / barn building and has a lower level which has more outdoor and sunroom type furniture, a middle level with a lot of cabinets, dry sinks, end tables, desks and side tables, and then an upstairs with many chairs and older sofas and more table options.

Country Loft Antiques – So much to see here and look through. Walk slow and look closely. There’s an outdoor area, an entire old house, and a little garage barn area. A bunch of different vendors are here and I’ve gotten a few old books and old Coca Cola items here.

Strasburg Antique Market – This is an old tobacco warehouse that has 3 different floors with antiques from a variety of vendors. Some of the items I liked most were old railroad signage, vintage Christmas decor, and old pennants from a few vendors.


Cricket’s Antiques – This is where I got the old doors for my house. They have two floors of an old barn and outside of awesome antiques, but I love them most for the doors. I had visited there once before on my way to a book barn in the area, and noticed this huge selection of doors and was impressed. Well lo and behold I needed old doors about a month later and this was the spot. They have all all the measurements already listed on the doors which was super helpful since I needed very specific measurements. They were so kind and even loaded them in my car for me.


Kirsch’s Antiques – This is a smaller shop with smaller items but if you’re in the area by the lake or the Jigger shop, it’s worth stopping in. They also have a location in Lititz as well.


Crossroads – This is near the Hershey High School and downtown. It’s another two story barn with a variety of vendors. If you’re in the market for Hershey or local related items, they have quite a few.

Old Factory Antiques and Crafts – When I visited here, I found nothing on the first floor that I was interested in and thought it was a dud. Then I went to the second floor that has at least 50 vendors and then to the third floor with another 50. There is so much in this one spot, even if you don’t see anything on an entire warehouse floor you like, keep checking. There’s bound to be a good find or two! I also left here with so many great affordable purchases that I’m so excited to use in my house decor.

Schoolhouse Antiques – I have only been here once but loved it immediately. It’s in an old school and is two stories with a variety of vendors. I left here with SO much (baskets, thermoses, antique storage) for less than $100. Such a steal for the 10+ things I purchased.


Kirsch’s Antiques – There is a location both in Lititz and Mount Gretna for them. It’s right downtown near Lititz Springs Park and Wilbur. While it may not be as large as other barns and warehouses, it has some great finds.

Brickerville Antique Barn – I purchased my white railroad light here and also found an old sign I liked, but didn’t ultimately purchase. My great uncle used to sell his antiques here which also makes it special for me to visit.


American Daydream – I’ve only been here twice but it’s another two story old barn with a variety of vendors. They have a huge comic book room which isn’t as much my thing but I know others would appreciate. My favorite vendor there was @BurlyRootsVintage on the second floor that was a mix of boho and antique. They have a Harry Potter themed area as well as old records and vintage clothing.

Heidi’s House – This is my favorite place to see furniture tell a story. The way that the furniture and decor is layered here is incredible. There’s so much to look at and it’s all so beautifully put together. They have painted furniture (dressers, vanities, side tables, end tables, beds) as well as baskets and old books, kids items and antique pieces mixed with some fun more updated decor. It is incredible.

Tumbleweeds – On your way to Heidi’s House down the road is Tumbleweeds. Pop in here too. They have two floors + in this old barns with both medium furniture pieces and smaller pieces and decor. I have purchased mounted antlers and antique boxes for storage as well as a stool and greenery.


Renninger’s – This is an indoor flea market/antique spot. It’s every Sunday. Over the summer there’s also an outdoor section. I got some great deals here since people are willing to negotiate a bit on prices.

Shupp’s Grove * – This is my favorite outdoor market and is only open in the warmer seasons. There’s different events each weekend and pretty often different vendors there. Prices aren’t firm unless stated, so you have a chance of walking away with more for less.

House on Willow – This is right across the street the Mad Hatter. I visited on their grand opening in November and every room was decked out for Christmas with different vendors items. They have primitive, modern, antique, and handmade items.

Mad Hatter * – Huge building. There’s a pretty large section of mid century items here, especially kitchenware. Not as much my style, but if you’re into that, check this place out.

Pine Hills – This is a partner of Mad Hatter and some other locations in Adamstown. They are all within a few miles of each other. This one has a lot more glass than others as well as Pyrex.

Adamstown Antique Mall – This is related to the Mad Hatter and Pine Hill shops. It’s definitely smaller but still has some great vendors inside and is across the street from the Mad Hatter.

Lancaster County Antique Center – This one is in an old house. While from the outside it doesn’t seem like much, the way it’s staged follows a path through the house so you really get to see everything and I’ve found quite a few gems here.

Adams Antique Annex – This is a pretty large building and has a mix of both items in glass cases and items in regular vendor booths. I picked up a Railroad sign when I visited this one.


Tollbooth– This is the spot where I got my lockers and my live edge desk. Both I thought were incredibly well priced as the 9 foot piece for my desk was $75 and the lockers were $99. On Craigslist alone, lockers are about $200+ and depending where you get live edge wood from, those tend to be a few hundred dollars, especially for a piece that long. I’d call Tollbooth my staple in antiquing because it’s so dang big, and you ALWAYS miss seeing awesome things considering it’s 30,000 square feet.

Bootleg– First, the owners here are so kind. Each time I’ve been in, they are so friendly and very attentive for giving you a number and taking your items to the front so you don’t have to carry them around. I’ve purchased some pennants there, old books, a few baskets, and old Christmas ornaments.

Burning Bridge – This is three stories. I have to go super slow in here and do about two passes – one above eye level and one below because there’s just so many vendors with so much goodness. I got an awesome old road sign here for less than $25 on my visit. That’s rare and so worth it.

There are so many great finds in the Lancaster, York, and Lebanon areas when it comes to antiques. This is not an exhaustive list but I’ve included all of those I’ve visited and were worth mentioning. Happy antiquing!


  1. Wondering if you can help me find if this place is still in existence.

    There was a barn along either lincoln highwayor old philadelphia pike that was an antique shop but it had flags chairs and whirlygigs in the yard by the highway. It was quite an attraction but the last several years after covid, I cannot seem to locate it anymore…was wondering if you knew of it and whether it is still in operation…it may not be. Whatever info you can provide would be awesome in solving this mystery for me.

    Thank you

    1. I am not sure I know exactly which spot you’re talking about but I’m wondering if it was in Bird-In-Hand. There were a few there I’ve visited before but after some research it looks like at least one may be permanently closed. The other barns I thought about were Crickets Antique or Pheasant Run antiques. If you remember anything else about it I can look into it more!

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